Monday, January 21, 2008


"Labyrinth Pt. 1: Deconstruction of The Flesh Realms"

Dead eyed, and empty reflection is waning

A world of illusion still holding this mind, 'til the grave we confide

Inertia, no stop to the flood gates now breaking

Look closely the enemy is rooted inside, controlling these tides

Release, let go for these burdens are lies

Slaves of men to be mad by the comfort of ignorance, cycle the meaningless

Flames engulf, prior reasoning slain

These trials that begin in pain open eyes

The labyrinth screams through to the blood open to darkness, teaching, cleansing

Reborn to explore in pain, the adept pupil stands strong

With dreams of fools seen through, substance cracking, slipping

All answers lay in paths removed, adhere learn well from flaw

Freed from this need

Renouncing the verity, leaving the corpus behind

Through the gates press forward to see

deeper realms but here the truth isn't free

For this maze calls for flesh to be burned

The only way true lessons are ever learned -

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Cartoons: my true passion, aside from everything else ;)

So I have been drawing and what not since I was a wee lad. Recently I have found myself drawing inspiration from brilliant cartoonists such as Tex Avery, Bob Clampett, and my personal favorite, John Kricfalusi and the Spumco gang, to name a few. I have admired these cats since childhood and noticed that I find it harder to stick to what I had been doing and leaning more towards the influences that these greats have had on me. To show you a bit of contrast: Doing stuff like this

to doing stuff like

Although I have tried to create works based on prior stylings, I find it hard to do so and end up going back to a more cartoonish style. I do not have a problem with this at all, in fact I find it kind of nice to veer away from the grotesque, and gorey style that I was adhering to. When I create a work that has an actual comical look to it I feel all happy inside; mainly because it makes people smile and laugh, instead of just myself with my prior stylings, and others looking at me like I need to be institutionalized.

Monday, December 31, 2007

The Final Countdown and planing for 08

Ah the final day of 2007 is upon us... party, woo-hoo!

This new year promises to be a busy one.

Thus far I have plans for:

recording my band's album and getting that done and over with; luckily when we are in the studio we are very diligent at what we do and work very expediently. I am hoping we will have it done by March or so.

Getting GrimCore Industries set up and going... this venture promises to be a good ol' pain in the ass, but in the long run I believe that it will be well worth it. To give you a break down of what the goal with this venture is: Phase one is to start up a venue/community center. Both of these factions of GrimCore Ind. are set to be two non-profit organizations operating out of the same facility. The first portion is going to be a community center for kids... sort of an after school program. The basics on this are to teach kids about music; that includes teaching children music history, providing lessons of varying musical instruments, giving art lessons and getting them involved with community projects as well. Trying to get kids to appreciate their culture a little more and show them that, as unfortunate as it may be, we all do have a social responsibility if we want this world to be a better place and not have to dwell within the fuck-ups of our forefathers. The second half of this facility will be a concert venue dedicated strictly to charity.

As I am in a "death-metal" band the public view upon my band and myself included is usually towards the negative. Immediately people give us the stigma of being about violence, aggression, and often times satanism; the case is quite the contrary, my band is actually based more within the realms of Quantum Physics and chaos theory... Regardless, our music is heavy and "aggressive" so sed stigma is placed. With this venture I am hoping partly not only to help out the kids, but also to hopefully make people question their judgments at least a little; open some eyes to focus on the intense amount of talent and dedication that a lot of the musicians that choose metal as their forte have.

The second phase to my diabolical plan is to open GrimCore Industries productions side. This will incorporate everything from screen printing shirts to web design to eventually recording. Kind of our own label, I guess. And no we will not be using the kiddies for our dirty work ;)

Final plan for this year is to set up a metal/arts festival in Omaha. That the details are a tad sketchy on so I will spare them at this time; we will just say that it should be pretty decent in size... or so we hope.

Aside from all of that I will be interested in seeing what this year will bring. Not gonna lie, kind of stoked!


Friday, December 28, 2007


It is truly amazing how easy it is to overlook the weight of events that take place over a year's span. I recently sat and thought about all of the things that have occurred over 2007; these memories hit me like a truck... granted a lot of insane shit happened, but still I can't believe it all went by so fast. The most important thing in this are the lessons learned; both about myself, as well as the nature of friends and friendships in general. It has taught me a lot about love and who to invest that oh so delicate and precious emotion into.

2008 will find me proceeding with much new light shed upon those whom I associate myself with. My eyes will be open and ever watching. A shame that the heart hardens to some; a gift that it softens to others.